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Jo Quinney is a PR and marketing professional behind QMPR an award winning PR consultancy on Anglesey in North Wales. A talented copy writer, Jo felt that blogging would be the best way to demonstrate her experience and achievements and also her diverse passions from PR & marketing communications to environmental and community issues and all the fun stuff in between.

When Jo works on PR and marketing for her clients she will always focus on the company’s brand development and use social media, photography and visual media to give the full picture.  So it was really important that Jo’s new website should reflect her passion both in the visual styling and by the inclusion of regularly updated content from her Twitter and Flickr profiles.

Using Wordpress, we created a new blog based website that would bring together Jo’s online profiles and creates a full picture of QMPR services and track record.  Although there are wide variety of Wordpress templates available, it was important to create a unique design that would be consistent with the QMPR brand

We worked closely with L29 Creative, who developed the new brand styling and logo, to make sure the web designs were on brand.  Jo had a very hands on approach to editing, using scissors and glue to create what she wanted.  See her blog post entitled ‘Web Design’ to find out more about the design process and to get some excellent advice on how to approach designing your website.