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Why do I need a website?

Better communication

As broadband access gets better and cheaper your customers expect to find information about your company online whether simply to get a phone number or buying a product.  More and more people are researching companies on the web before choosing to buy or order services.  Tell your customers what you have to offer and give them a reason to buy from you.

Getting new customers

What do you currently do to get more customers? TV? Radio? Newspaper Ad? Cold calling?  It all takes time and money. These types of media are great for one off promotions but a website is working for you night and day and throughout the year. Allow your customers to check out your services whenever or wherever they want.


An ad can be restrictive depending on the format or media you use; on a website you can say exactly what you want, when you want, the copy and layout if using print is constrained by the media you choose.  Save time and money and say exactly what you want with a website