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We can offer a suitable package to suit your specific needs and budget. Please get in touch to find out more

Design and front end development

We create websites using web standard HTML5 and CSS and enhance page functionality using other technologies such as JavaScript.

Updates and content management

We can look after your site updates for you or you can have a fully updateable Content Management System. The choice of CMS would depend on the requirements of your project. We’d advise using Expression Engine for larger projects that require features such as related content, categorised content and searches. We also work with Wordpress for blogs and Web4-u for tourist businesses.

Are you a tourist business or organisation?

Your Tourism Community provides a framework for tourism business to work together promoting the local area to the visitor with a set of tools that allow business to share information, including website creation and broadcasting to community members [Web4-u] and booking online [Bookings4-u]. This allows you to take control of your marketing and increase exposure to your tourism business.

Designing with Web Standards

Our web designs are built with web standard code which means they perform better in search engines, have a faster download time and use less bandwidth and can be tailored for viewing on different screen sizes and different platforms such as PDAs or mobiles.